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5Q kunshan Technology Co., Ltd. is a wire harness processing enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing and sales. it mainly provides high-quality products and technical services to industrial control, household appliances, automobiles, communications and solar lamp industries. We have a team that meets the needs of product research and development and professional technical support. we can design and develop various harness products for our customers to meet their needs for personalized products.
The company has always attached importance to the quality of its products, and more attention has been paid to establishing employees' strong quality awareness. with various effective quality control methods and methods, the company has used PDCA cycle to strictly control the process quality in all directions, thus realizing the goal of continuous improvement ( CIP ).

The company has passed ISO 9001; products comply with RoHS,  Reach directive requirements

The company adheres to the business philosophy of " quality first, customer foremost", with high-quality professionals, high-quality products, reasonable and competitive prices and accurate dates, which is your safe choice of wiring harness plan!